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Upsweep pluck hairstyle.


This hairstyle is awesome and looks very dapper. Its one of the hairstyles that men adorn very much and are quite favourite of many. Though women may also wear this hairstyle but they need a short bob haircut first. Girls look very chic and it makes out the inner tomboyish nature of the girls show on. For men, it just takes few seconds to wear this hairstyle and for girls it depends owing to various substyles and accessories to be worn along with. To get this hairstyle, make sure you have shorter hair at the back than at the front. Shampoo and condition your hair first and dab on god amount of hair gel. Now using theΒ  palms of the hand down sweep the back hair and using your fingers give a plucking motion upsweep to the front hair. Make sure your hair is damp and give plucking motions till the hair have their hold on their own. For more stiff effects, blow dry after applying gel. When the gel gets stiff, your hairstyle is done!

Wassup new:Β  For girls, attach a simple sleek black or some glittery headband for forming a chic hairstyle. You look hot!


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