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Wet look finger curls.


Wet look is considered as one of the sexy and dapper hairstyles for women and men respectively. Wet hair clean swept or messily curled have a great sex appeal attached to it. This hairstyle comprises of wet look that is made of finger curled strands inspired from gel smeared wet hair. The hairstyle is very chic, feminine and can be worn stylishly at most of the events. To create this hairstyle, wash your hair with a good cleansing shampoo and condition it. While the hair is still wet, dab on good amount of hair gel and even it thoroughly. Comb well and give a side partition. Now, move your head to and fro to open up the combed serrations on the hair and to let the hair loose. Make sure the hair is still wet. Take a very thin strand of hair and finger curl it with your index finger and open the curl after few seconds. The gel will get its hold soon. Likewise finger curl all the hair making small sections. When done, attach a sleek headband or let it remain loose according to choice. You are done!

Wassup new: Wet look looks good. Combine with jeans, shorts and even red carpet dresses. Show your wild side!

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