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Crimped hair look: With a hint of pink!


Crimped hair has been in fashion since Madonna wore it first. Since then on, its her favourite look and has been sported by many on the run. It has given rise to a more popular form of hairstyle, the gel inspired wet crimped look. Nevertheless, it looks sexy and is very feminine. If the hair are center partitioned, the face appears fuller and broad. Combine it with bangs or keep it simple according to choice. To get this hairstyle, shampoo and condition your hair. Apply hair smoothing serum only on the two inches near the roots. Comb and blow dry. Make a center partition. Take very thin strands of front hair on both sides of partition, dab some hair gel over them and crimp it using a pattern crimper and fix with bobby pins. You can crimp it using bobby pins too. Now using temporary hair color spray, spray baby pink color over the ends of the back hair and blend well. Hairspray all over and using hair crimper, crimp small sections of hair. Make sure the gel and the spray gets hold. Release the bobby pins and move your head to and fro to give a little messiness to the whole outlook. You look awesome!

Wassup new: Combine a sleek headband with your hairstyle and make it speak for you. Try on experimenting!

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