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Hairstyle With Short Spikes


Hairstyle with short spikes can be a great way of styling the hair that is short. It is also considered to be one of the funky hairstyle that is created using a hair gel. If you are planning to change a flat hair to a short and spiky hairdo there are few procedure that must be followed to make it look good. There are few haircuts that can be done to make the hair look spiky and if your hair is already short then try these following simple methods to make it look spiky.

To get this hairstyle, first you need to wash the hair completely and use a hair dryer to dry it while tousling it with your hand. Avoid using a comb as you start dry the hair which can make the hair straight and make it difficult to create a spiky hair. Use the hair dryer near the base of your neck and point it up to create a nice lift to the hair while drying. If you don’t have a hair dryer then leave the hair to dry naturally and tousle it every 15 minutes using your hands. Next spread a generous amount of pomade or styling wax all over the hair to get a spiky hair very easily. Now you can tousle the hair with your hands after using the styling product and then use your fingers to smooth the chunks of hair up to create spikes.

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