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Messy flat all hair pompadours.


Pompadours have been the say of the bold and the beautiful since the days of the retro. This hairstyle is a combination of messy look and a sky high pompadour. The pompadour do get their strength from the hair gel and hair spray. The more these products are used, the more is their hold. The hairstyle looks very rebellious and still contains the chic and the girly element. Sometimes it is classified under emo hairstyles.

To get this hairstyle, first you need a short bob haircut preferably till your shoulders and no longer otherwise you will have to fold them and the pompadour becomes conical instead of flat. Now, shampoo and condition well. While hair is still damp, use hair gel on it and comb upwards to get an upsweep. Blow dry. Spray on well over the whole hairstyle till it becomes stiff. Using your hands, mash the hair so that it becomes messy. Shape it into a flat pompadour. Give a last shot of hair spray and you are done!!

Wassup new: Try on attaching some hair chains from the pompadour or attach some black metal hair clips for enhancing the emo hairstyle look. For more bolder looks, streak up the pompadour with bold neon hair color sprays. Try experimenting newer hairstyles and make a cut for yourself.

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