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Messy hairnet pinned puddle hairstyle.


Hairnets are a common hair accessory that is used in collecting hair into neat buns so that the hair may not fall upon. Fragile thin nets are mere a decorative accessory that is used to cover hair buns. Hairnets were a symbol of class and wealth. But nowadays they can be worn by anyone. One can see the royals frequently wearing one of these and these are considered as a must accessory for Durby race watchers. Today’s hairstyle comprises of a hair net pinned puddle that is made by collecting hair on the top of the head and neatly covered by hair net and fixed with pins all over. The hairstyle is chic and very classy.

To get this hairstyle, start with basic shampooing and conditioning. Use hair smoothing serums and blow dry. Collect all hair onto the top of the head and make a ponytail out of it. Do not tie a rubber band around it but fix the ponytail with pins all over to give the shape of a ponytail. Now fold the tail over the neck of the ponytail and shape it into a messy flat shape or a conical shape that extends the whole of the crest of the head. Fix with pins all over.  Using a comb’s end, pick out a few flicks from under the net and let them fluff above the hair net to give a messy feel. Give a shot of hairspray and you are done!!

Wassup new: Decorate with hair colors, hair pins or colored hair nets. You look classy!

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