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Messy side hair with loose plaits.


Messy hairstyles have made a rage out of the ordinary and can be seen adorned by everyone especially the teenagers. Messy hairstyle is considered as an attitudic yet very chic and girly so is preferred by girls. This hairstyle combines both the attributes of loose hair and that of thin plaits. The plaits can be interchanged with braids and they look very cute with all hair put to one side. To get this hairstyle, start with basic shampoo and conditioner. Blow dry. Make a side partition to your hair. Take some teasing lotion and dab it around the roots. Mash around with your hands to give a messy feel. Now, put all your hair to a side and in front of the neck. Take a thin section of hair from the side lined hair and make a plait out of it. A plait is made by making three parts of the sectioned hair and interwining them. You can even make a braid by making a plait and adding up small additions of hair into each weave. Tie a small silicon band around the ends. You can make two or three plaits loosely around the whole hair keeping big chunks of hair between loose. Give a shot of hairspray and you are done!

Wassup new:  Take some glittery thread and weave in the plait. You can attach some big hair clips and totally make your hairstyle classic. The hairstyle looks very girly and stylish. Try on!


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