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Short ‘W’ cut hairstyle.


A short elfin crop hairstyle suits a few as it is best adjusted for head shape and face shapes. It suits best to people with narrow faces or round faces and less to broad ones. It makes the face appear fuller and hence narrow faces appear more round. Short ‘w’ hairstyle is an alteration of elfin crop hairstyle with a twist. The back hair is cut very short and the front hair is cut somewhere midway between the forehead and the hair fringe is shaped like a collection resembling ‘w’ of the English alphabet. The hairstyle is very chic and extremely stylish and can be worn at any event. The look is classy and suave. Try on. To get this look, start with a basic short haircut. Keep the hair on the front about midway between the forehead. Keep the side fringe a little longer than the center one. Divide the front fringe into one inch width sections. Cut about one third width of an inch in a stylish slant cut. Likewise cut the whole fringe forming multiple w’s. Now shampoo and condition your hair properly. Use hair smoothing serums to settle down frizz. Blow dry and comb well. Dab on small amount of hair gel over the hair and give a front sweep with a tight toothed comb.  Using your fingers, style the front fringe as desired. Give a shot of hairspray and you are done!!

Wassup new: Give a bow shaped headband in combination and your look is ultra sexy. Try on !

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