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Side sweep front hairstyle for men.


As side sweep hairstyle is a pet hairstyle for women, in the same sense of style side sweep is a classic hairstyle for men. It practically suits every face type and is quite dapper hairstyle for men. It looks very sexy and has a distinct appeal. Though very easy to make, this haircut needs special attention. The shape of the front side sweep gives a different cut to the whole face and you look a newer you. To get this hairstyle, get a front sweep haircut done. As for girls, try getting the cut slant and not blunt. Make sure that the length covers the lower eyes so that you can easily create the side sweep hairstyle. Start with a basic shampoo and a conditioner. Use hair smoothing serum. Blow dry. Comb well. Sweep all hair to the front and let them hang over the eyes. Give a shot of hairspray and comb again so that the serrations of the comb stays over the hairstyle. Using your fingers, give a side sweep to the front combed hair so that the ends rest to a side and the hairstyle looks quite sexy. Give a last shot of hairspray and your look is done!!

Wassup new: You may use hair gel for a stiffer and a wet look appearance for the same hairstyle. The hairstyle looks very suave. Try on boys!

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