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Back swept messy hairstyle.


One more messy look follows and this one is pretty easy. It is a total back sweep with loose messy hair that can be made easily. The hairstyle is chic and girly and suitable for runways and if accessorized well, then even for red carpet. To get this hairstyle, start with basic shampoo wash and a conditioner. Do not use hair smoothing serums. Blow dry. Make sure you keep your hair frizzy because the ends of the hair need to be messy to get the proper hairstyle. Comb and then blow dry. Now, take some hair gel over the palm of your hand and dab it over the hair till two inches from the roots. Comb and give a back sweep. Now, using a tight toothed comb, tease and backcomb the rest of the hair hanging loose on the back. Teasing is done by moving the comb to and fro over a section of the hair by holding the comb in one hand and the ends of the hair in the other hand. Tease all sections one by one. In the end, give a shot of hairspray and you are done! lLovely!

Wassup new: Accessorize your hair by using head bands and hair clips. Make your hairstyle speak for you. Hair clips and hair crystals give a certain class to the messy hairstyles and look very hot. Try on newer looks by adding a few streaks of bold neon colors. Try on!


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