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Hairstyles under popular caps.


One of the most difficult situation to find ourselves in is what hairstyle to wear while wearing caps. Be it sleek or curly, the hairstyles worn under a cap are a sure mainstay. One common myth is that when you have a bad hair day, try a cap. It might be good at times but when you need to flaunt you need to wear good hair. Fluffy, nice, full of life hair is an every woman’s dream. Depending upon the shape of the face you have, you can try any type of a popular cap and make a newer hairstyle in every day of winter. Pom pom caps are a sure stay. They are girly and very funky. Though they are more suited to angular faces, they make the rounder faces appear thinner and more conical. A fluffy curly hairstyle under this cap is a sure eye catcher during snowy winter months. A beanie cap is a favourite among boys and girls alike. Sleek hair looks best underneath them. Straighten up your hair and wear a beanie over in different colors every day. Nowadays, flat square caps are in that are more classy and have their origin in Russia. They are fur lined and keep the head warm. Sleek hair is best under these caps. Russian women adorn these caps and it is a factor of class for them. Today, these caps are quite famous all over the world. You may tie a ponytail and wear a baseball cap too in summer. It is quite tomboyish.

Wassup new: Make a bold hue of highlighting color and wear a cap over. Try flaunting rainbow colored hair under a cap. Use hair extensions, color sprays, beads etc. Try on!

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