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Lob Haircut


A lob haircut is the longer version of a standard bob style. It is a medium length hairstyle that will extend maximum to your shoulders. In this hairstyle longer hair will be folded under and then pinned to the back of your head. This style is considered to work perfect with a feathered technique. To achieve this style, try to get help from a professional hairstylist as they can add feathered layers around your face to add movement. This style can also give a dramatic and voluminous look which can be a perfect choice for any evening event.

To get this hairstyle, first wash your hair as usual with a shampoo and condition it. Next dry the hair using a towel and spritz a detangling spray all over. Then spread a little amount of hair gel in your hand to smooth it throughout your hair. Use a blow dryer and brush your hair with a paddle brush to curve the hair toward your face while drying. Part the hair down at the center to create two equal sections and make sure to part each section horizontally. Secure each section using hair elastic. Take a piece of hair and fold it in half underneath and use a bobby pin through at the end to secure it against the head. Continue the folding and pinning process with 2-inch wide pieces of hair and finally mist all over the hair thoroughly with firm-hold hair spray.

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