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Newer Wedding hairstyles.


These have their inspiration from the older looks only with some new additions. There are buns, chignons and side swept updos. Though they might look familiar but each one is different. The buns are made of tight big hair cushions around which the ends are wrapped to get a fuller bigger retro look. The bun can be elegantly enhanced in its attributes by using some big hair flowers on the wedding day or some crystal bun jewellery. The chignons look the most sexiest of all. The nape of the neck lowdos are the favourites when it comes to wedding. The flowers add to the mersmerizing persona. The side swept hairstyle with added orchids or hibiscus just let go the aura spell magic. The side swept hair actually increase the attraction appeal of the woman. Make sure you are well hair sprayed so that the hair stay at their place and the look is quite polished although you can even opt for messy outlook. Big flowers are like the natural feel. They attract attention and move the focus to shift to the hairstyle. Come on, have a look at these hairstyle photos.

Wassup new: Attaching crystals in place of flowers can also be done but for a beach wedding, the natural Hawaiian look is preferred. Try on!

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