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Tendril Hair Bun


A tendril hair bun is a very different way of styling hair instead of having a strict and elegant bun. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice for those who have medium to long hair. In this style there will be a piece of hair that will be left on both the side of your face as tendrils and the rest of the hair will used to create a bun. It is mostly preferred by celebrities for special events. This hairstyle can be created at home by following these simple methods or to achieve it quick and easily go to a hairstylist.

Start the styling process on the hair that is properly washed and conditioned. Then remove the tangles with wide-tooth comb and use a hairdryer to dry the hair with medium heat. Pull the hair to create a low ponytail using a paddle brush at the nape of your neck. Collect a section of the ponytail hair and wrap it around the barrel of a curling iron. Twist the iron till the base of your ponytail and leave it for about five seconds before removing. Leave the hair to slide out follow the same process of curling all over the ponytail. Collect a tail of curls on both the side of your head in one hand and twist the entire tail to around the base of a ponytail holder. Secure the hair with bobby pins and then shake your head to loosen few strands naturally.

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