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Tousled curled hairstyle.


An addition of curls to the hairstyle makes its own say. It gives a spring to the hair and the hair looks like full of life. Bouncy curly manes are every oneโ€™s dream and lets try this hairstyle today. Start with a good cleansing curl promoting extra bounce shampoo. You can get that in any cosmetic brand. Use a deep conditioner and wash off. Dab some curl promoting serum over wet hair and comb once and blow dry. Make a center partition. Now use some more mousse over the hair. Take thick curlers and wrap big chunks of hair on it. Blow dry at ambient temperature. Release the curls after some time and let them fall freely. If they are too tight use your fingers to open them up a bit and give them a bounce. If you want thinner curls, you may use a curling rod. A thinner rod will make the sections more curly and the hair will appear more heavy. The mane will bounce on its own. Move your head a couple of times to and fro and flaunt your new tousled mane! You look gorgeous girlie!

Wassup new: Attach some flowers on the side for a beach party. Try flaunting your newly curled tresses. Attach a crystal on the side. Great! Try on!

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