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Hair conditioners.


Hair conditioners are sticky substances that are used to nourish the entire strand from root to tip. They are like cold creams that nourish the hair strand and keep them shiny and soft. They are basically mild oils that spread till the root tip and nourish each strand because the normal oils that are secreted naturally are unable to cover the whole strand of hair. As a result the hair becomes dry and damages due to non nourishment and falls and breaks off. Hair conditioners are a must for every hair type. Be it permed, colored or straightened hair. It is an absolute must for every hair type even oily hair. To know that you are using the shampoo and the conditioner right, run two fingers over the surface of your hair after you have rinsed off the shampoo. If the hair makes a squeaky voice, that means the hair is ready for the conditioner. Take a big blob of conditioner and work it down your strands, starting about two inches from the roots. Move towards the tip of the hair strand, covering the entire strand. Keep the conditioner on for about five minutes. Run water through your hair till it feels soft. The end result of the conditioned hair is tangle free, sleek and soft. The one word is that the hair becomes manageable.

Wassup new: Choose from different types of conditioners like for hair fall, for split ends, for shine, for dryness, for oily hair etc. Do not change your conditioner brand too often. Let it set on your hair and work. Happy conditioning!

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