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Head wraps with decorative Ghungroos and bells.


Head wraps are cap like accessories that are used to cover head and forehead fully and from which the hair can dangle down. They are available in a variety of the shapes and sizes and can be made quite decorative. Head wraps are also called hair turbans if they are quite heavy in material or are collected wraps. This hair accessory is a head wrap with decorative bells and ghungroos. Ghungroos are musical metal hollow balls that contain a slit and few smaller metal balls to create the noise. The noise made from these ghungroos is actually soft tingling music and is quite popular in India. The sound is similar to few small bells tied together. Head wraps with decorative bells and ghungroos make their own style statement. Choose from a variety of colors of bells and chains. Black metal, red painted, golden ghungroos create a mesmerizing aura of the Middle East. Try some hair bangs and let the bells hang down like a head band from it. Make some bells and chains hang down like a necklace. You may even cover the head wrap horizontally like a thread with the chains. Keep your hair simple, sleek and neat if your face is narrow and keep them curly or wavy if your face is round or broad. Try on!

Wassup new: It is quite innovative hair accessory and many hair styles can be combined with it. Try it on hair plaits and braids. Combine it with different haircuts also. Try experimenting. It is very feminine and quite attractive.

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