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French Roll Updo


A French Roll Updo is one of the most beautiful and unique way of styling your hair for any special occasion like wedding. This style can be a perfect choice for formal or casual events and some of them also find it convenient for everyday as it keeps the hair away from the face. It is considered to be best for medium to long hair. There many celebrities who like to wear this style very often. It can be worn along with decorative items also. Here is a method to create this hairstyle without any help.

First wash your hair a day before the styling process and then brush the hair to create a loose ponytail at the back of your head. Next lift the ponytail upwards at the back of your head to twist the hair for creating a roll. Tuck ends of your hair under to bend the roll and then tuck the complete roll along with loose ends, inside and under itself. Try to add consistent pressure while tucking and to get a casual or informal look, try to leave the loose ends free. In case of any small bumps on the finished twist, brush it with a damp fine toothed comb to make it smooth. Now you can secure the roll using bobby pins or any other hair accessories such as decorative pins or flowers. To end the styling, spritz the hair with a light hairspray to make it smooth and elegant.

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