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Jordy Sparks wavy tie: Sparks ignited!


Jordy sparks looks very girly with this hairstyle. The look is full of life and brimming. Though a very easy hairstyle to make and flaunt, this indeed is fit for endorsing in any party. To get this hairstyle, shampoo and condition your hair. Use hair smoothing serum and blow dry. Comb well and dab on some mousse over your hair. Move your fingers through to get a wavy texture. If your hair is ultra sleek, you may use a hair curling rod to make it wavy. Make sure the curls are not too tight. Do open the curls when you are done with the rod. Spray on a good amount of hair spray and move your fingers through the hair. Now, pull out a few thin flicks on the front and grab the rest f your hair into a bunch on the back. Tie a long straight plastic tie at the back or a simple long clutcher that fits well. Roll the hanging hair into small waves with your fingers and let it loose. Wave the front flicks too! Give a shot of hairspray and your hairstyle is done!

Wassup new: Give a twist by adding a sleek headband or a side crystal. Take some hair color sprays and give a shot of bold streaks among the original hair color. You are going to shine out!!


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