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Julia Roberts With Swoop Bangs


Julia Roberts has got a beautiful hairstyle with swoop bangs. This style is very popular among most of the celebrities as it gives a great look. This hairstyle is known to suit all type of faces. In this hairstyle, the bangs on the hair will be angled using a medium to long length hair and then swept to a side of the face. It can be styled in different methods depending upon the length of the hair. The best method to create this style is to get help from a hairstylist.

To get this hairstyle, begin the styling by cutting the bangs with the help of a professional hairstylist and then angle the hair before pulling it across the face. Make sure to cut in such a way it should stay away from your eyes. Wash the hair fully and dry it naturally. Now comb the hair and part it away from your face by pulling the bangs to a side of your forehead. Pull the hair to any side of your head in case the bangs are not angled. Dry the hair with a hairdryer and hold the bangs using a round brush during the drying process. Try to move the brush forward in the clockwise motion and pointing the dryer at the moving brush. Finally style the bangs to a side after it becomes completely dry and mist all over the hair with a hairspray to end the styling process.

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