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Regina King’s half moon bob: Shorter hairstyles in row.


Regina’s beauty lies in her eyes and her hair. Although her hair are now short, they do not fail to impress us with their shine and pretty cuts. Nevertheless the hair looks very silky, smooth and the hair cut is very feminine and chic. She sports a half moon shaped fringe and a short bob extensively silkied and shined up. To get this hairstyle, start with basic shampooing and conditioning. Use hair smoothing serum. If you do not have a short hair bob cut, then you need to have one. For extensively curly hair, you need to get a rebonding done before you proceed to this haircut because short hair is difficult to straighten up with flat irons. Have a cut that is quite heavy at the top layer and gradually tapers in thickness as you come down to ends. This means you need to have a slant cut done. This means you wont be having any blunt ends. Cut till a little above the length of your chin. Keep the bangs longer to keep them on side. Now use hair mousse and hair shiners made practically for the sole purpose of giving a smooth shine to your hair. Make sure that the hair ends are moulded towards inside a bit. You can do this using a hair straightener or a hair roller brush. Keep the bangs to a side and take a thicker bang and giving it a half moon shape, pin it to the side. Give a last shot of hair spray and you are done!

Wassup new: Take a crystal hair pin and attach it to the side. It looks great with darker hair colors. Keep experimenting!

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