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Side swept shoulder length hair: Pretty style side!


Mena Suvari wears a simple sophisticated formal hairstyle. Such hairstyles were quite popular during the nineties but still now, they are considered one of the formal hairstyles that business women or women at red carpet adorn. The hairstyle is feminine, very manageable and very chic. It brings out the authoritative trait of a person along with the style coefficient. To get this hairstyle, you need to have a shoulder length haircut first. Cut the length of your hair all about a little longer than where the neck ends. Comb well. Now, shampoo and condition well. To use conditioner when you want your hairstyle to be loose, dab on a good quantity of conditioner and use it coming down about two inches from the roots towards the tips. Leave it on for about five to eight minutes. Wash it properly till the lather fades off from the water. Soak down the water from the hair but do not towel dry. Use hair smoothing serum or mousse. Make a side partition. Take a straightener and straighten up your hair by dividing it into thin sections and then sleeking up each section one by one. When done, give a shot of hairspray and your hairstyle is done!!

Wassup new: Attach a sleek headband to combine with this hairstyle. Take some temporary hair color sprays and spray on bold streaks to define your attitude. Use a simple hair crystal on the side and make your hairstyle speak up for you!


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