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Megan’s short side curls: Excessively chic!!


Meagan’s short curly hairstyle is truly fascinating. Her curls rock here. Meagan’s look is very feminine, retro short curls that hang down her face. The side curls cut out a sexy appeal on the face making the hanging hairstyle bouncy and very elegant. To have this look, you need a short bob cut preferably layered. Layered cut is favorable here coz that adds to unequal length curls. Equal length curls do not rock this hairstyle. Comb your hair and straighten them up with a straightener first to get the perfect style. Side partition your hair. Take a curling rod and taking in thick sections about the thickness of the little finger, start curling longitudinally keeping your rod high up so that that curls may give heightened effect when down. Make sure you get tight coils. Curl all the hair strands one by one.  On the lesser side, sweep back all your straightened hair and pin it up on the back. Hang down a few curls on the front of the forehead. Spray on hair shiner to make the hair look shiny and radiant. Spread lots of spray to keep hair at place and lala!! You are ready to adorn the red carpet!!

Wassup new:  Attach a hair crystal on the lesser side of the partition and wear this hairstyle with a full length gown. If the curls are too tight, make your fingers open up the curls by moving them upside down one or two times. Take this look for the next red hot party!!!

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