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Miley Cyrus’s top knot: Carrying style on top!


Miley has this signature hairstyle when she goes to the gym and loves to adorn it in as many places she roams. Maybe she likes it a lot and so do we! Completely loving Miley’s look here. Her look is worth a try. To have this hairstyle, comb your hair and use anti frizz.  Take a straightener and straighten up your hair specially the ends. Take all your hair up to the crest of your head and make a ponytail. Secure with a band of same color. Now twist the ponytail and wrap it around the neck to have the bun effect. Pass the ends through the ends of the rubber band from below and pull the ends up till the top. The straightened ends will give the spiky appearance to the bun. Give a shot of hairspray and off you go with Miley’s signature bun! With buns you can try a good lot of other things like sporting a short braid. For this you need to braid your hair from front top section. Give about three to four rounds of weaving and then combine with the signature bun. Do not pull flicks here from the front of the head because the spotlight shifts from the braid to the flicks. Pull out flicks from the back. There you go with the best bun style on your head!!

Wassup new: Get a shortlist of a variety of buns and try them! Keep experimenting!

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