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Miley’s short bob with a bandana: Short is in trend!


Miley’s short bob is looking cute and girlish and is envy to many. How sporty is her hairstyle and her attitude. With a bandana attached with front top knot, this short hairstyle looks very different and rocking . Miley’s hairstyle is breathable, sleek and full of energy. To create this hairstyle, you need to have a short bob haircut first preferably to the length halfway between the chin and the ears. You can keep the front strands longer than the rest. You may keep bangs according to your face type. Longer faces do adore front bangs and shorter faces do go with side bangs. Get your hair straightened up first for the ultimate sleek effect.

Now shampoo and condition your hair. Blow dry. Straighten your hair with a hair straightener if you do not want to go for rebonding. Run your fingers through the hair to give a little messy look and give a side partition with your fingers.  Roll up a bandana into a two inch width thickness. Wera it on the top of the hairstyle and keep its knot on the top. Make sure that the bangs are not covered by the bandana.You are done!!

Wassup new: Give colors to your short bob. Go for bold colors to create that edge. Go on and let your hair breathe!

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