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Spanish Chignon


Having a Spanish chignon can give you a very simple look with an updo. This is another variation of hairstyle that was popularized by female Spanish flamenco dancers. The dancers also dress in traditional Spanish dress along with this beautiful hairstyle. Most of time this style is also accessorized with flowers to make it further attractive. Following is a simple method that can help to achieve this style.

To start the styling process, first part the hair in the middle of your head with a comb. Start brushing the hair down straight gently with a hair brush. Those who have naturally curly hair straighten the hair with a flat iron to get a sleeker, dramatic-looking Spanish chignon. Collect all your hair together at the nape of your neck by centering or keeping it slightly off to one side. Use a ponytail holder and wrap it around the hair tightly to create a low ponytail. Now twist the ponytail around the base of your ponytail holder to create a full chignon bun. Then tuck the ends of the hair under the chignon and use bobby pins to secure it. Spread a hair gel all over the hair if the hair doesnโ€™t look neat. You can add flowers under the bun or on top of the head and to make the hair more attractive use two flower clips. Finally mist the hair with a light-to-medium hairspray including the clips to make the hairstyle stay in place.

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