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Triple Braid Hairstyle


A triple braid hairstyle is a beautiful way of styling your hair and it mostly liked by children’s. But this style is also worn by adults as it gives a new look. There is no need to add any hair accessory along with this hairstyle as your will be decorated as an accessory. This style can be a perfect choice for any occasion and there are few celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle. Here are few methods that can help you to create a triple braid.

To get this style, first you must make sure that the length of the hair is medium to long because braids cannot be created with the hair that is short. Wash your hair with a shampoo and condition it before blow drying as straight as possible. Collect two inch section of hair in the front of your hairline and try to push it upward toward your right side of the head. Now secure the hair with bobby pins. Next take another two inch section of hair above the right ear and divide it into three smaller bunches. Start braiding it by twisting all the sections over each other and crisscrossing to stop one inch above from the bottom of your hair. Collect another two inch section of the hair near to the first braid to create another braid and finally you will have three braids. Secure each braid with an elastic band and spritz the hair with a hairspray.

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