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Messy Side Braid


A messy side braid is a hairstyle is liked by most of the people with long hair. In the present day, this style is said to give a totally modern and absolutely chic look. There are also many celebs who like to wear this hairstyle for special events such as the red carpet. There are different versions of hairstyle which has braids, but this one can really make you look more attractive than other similar styles. Here is a way that can help in creating this hairstyle without any problem.

To get this hairstyle, begin the styling process after spreading a generous amount of pomade or holding spray all over the hair. Next try to flip the hair over when the hair is still wet and then blow dry it to create additional volume. Now create a side part on any one side of your head and pull out few pieces of hair in the front of your head to create messy, loose-flowing wisps. Pull remaining hair at the back of your head and braid it from the center of the head. The hair must be braided at an angle so it falls on your shoulder. Then secure it with a hair tie and leave a couple of inches loose at the bottom. Use a large-barrel curling iron to curl the reserved front, loose sections of hair to create more volume. Finally loosen up the braid using your fingers to create a messy look.

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