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Kimberley Wyatt’s short frilly curly hairdo: Messy frilly laced hair!!


Her hair cut matches with her ruffled frilly hair. Kimberly stands out with her hairstyle so prominent. Amongst the chignons and the buns so high, her crimped curly hairdo speaks for herself.  Her hairstyle is a short curly, messy one which gives her chic look combined with impudence. Start with shampoo and conditioner. Do not use smoothing serums or anti frizz sprays. To have this frill effect, cut your hair shoulder length and give a center partition. Now take a pencil thin curling rod and start curling thin strands. Do not curl for long otherwise it gives a clean look. Make sure you take thin sections of hair to curl every time. Make sure you leave out the two inches from the roots straight. When done, move your head to right and left a few times very fast to messen it up more and create air space in between to give it substance and a thick look. Spray your hair to keep in place. Off you go, ole ole girls!!

Wassup new: Whenever you go for curls or straightening that is done for a very short period of time, you need to hairspray it more so that your hair stays in place for longer periods. Keep the hair strands thin while curling. Keep rocking!!

Kimberly Wyatt - Kimberley Wyatt arrives for the UK premiere of "Katy Perry Part Of Me", held at London's Empire Leicester Square.UK

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