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Kimberly Wyatt’s asymmetric short curls: Curls to droll over!!


Kimberly’s short curly hairstyle is truly looks astonishing. Her face looks very cute yet very appealing carrying off the asymmetric curly look! But literally, Kimberly’s curls rock here. Here featured is quite popular hairstyle: short curls that hang down her face. To have this look, you need a short bob cut, preferably layered. Layered cut is favorable here coz that adds to unequal length curls. Equal length curls do not rock this hairstyle. Comb your hair upwards to give height. Side partition your hair. Take a curling rod and taking in thick sections about the thickness of the little finger and start curling towards outside keeping your rod high up so that that curls may give heightened effect when down. It also creates air space inside the curls that make the hairstyle look thick and heavy. Curl all the hair strands one by one.   On the greater side, hang down one or two curls made from the front bangs to adorn your face. Spread lots of spray to keep hair at place and ooh lala!! You are ready to rock!!

Wassup new:  Add some subtle colored hair streaks to the bangs in the front and blend with the usual blonde color. Try bold colors with darker shades of original hair. If the curls are too tight, make your fingers open up the curls by moving them upside down one or two times. Take this look for the next rock ruling party!!!


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