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Red Micro Braids


Hairstyle with red micro braids is a trendy way of styling your hair.Β  In this style the hair will be braided into delicate and small braids. The width of the braid will be kept minimal and every braid will be very easy and light to maintain. This hairstyle can be created if you have medium to long hair or for those who have short hair can add hair extensions to achieve this hairstyle. Only few people like to wear this style because it can consume lot of time to create it.

To get this style, begin the styling by taking a small and thin section of hair approximately a quarter of an inch at the crown of your head. Start dividing the hair section into three smaller as well as equal sections. Cross the left strand of hair on middle section to make the left section as the new middle section. Next cross the right section on middle section to make the middle section new right section. Overlap your hair strands in the same direction until you reach the end of the hair. Tie a slip knot at the end and collect the strand to create a loop. Use the same procedure to each sections of your hair that was divided early and then decide it into three parts which must be thin as the previous one. If you have any problems in creating this hairstyle, just get help from a hairstylist.

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