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Hair bleaching: Doing it the correct way!


At home hair bleach is the easiest thing to do and the most difficult at the same time. Most of the people do not know to use the home bleach properly and tend to damage the hair strands well before their age time. Bleaching is an essential part of hair coloring. It makes the hair lighter in color and the time you bleach your hair changes the color tone in minutes. The best instruction to be followed while mixing the bleach is that mix that much amount as specified on the cover. Comb well your hair before applying and make sure the hair is thoroughly dry. Apply the bleach from the ends and then going above towards the roots. Now comes the question about till what time the bleach is to be left on to be effective. This depends upon your original hair color. The darker the shade, the longer is the time needed for the bleach to lighten the color. Ideally it should be 30 minutes and not more than 60 minutes altogether. That means 40-45 minutes is ambient. Scrap the bleach off a strand of hair with a tissue and see if the bleach has been effective. If it has, then rinse off with water thoroughly for like 15 minutes. A better suggestion is to keep your head under the tap water and let full stream of water flow through it. Now, use some color protecting shampoo which you often get with the bleach pack. Use its conditioner and let it dry on its own. See the results. If you are satisfied, move on with coloring or styling and if not, wait for one week for again bleaching to get the perfect hair color you long for. Next step is to use hair toner that would make the color blend naturally and not look awkward. Use it for 30-40 minutes as specified. After that wash with the color protecting shampoo again and use a heavy conditioner. Condition your hair nicely, they need nutrition at this time a lot.

Wassup new: You might need to bleach your hair twice or thrice if you need platinum locks or lightest blonde hair. try it till you get the perfect hair color.  Experiment on!

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