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Hair turbans: Styling with large bandanas!


Some of the most exotic hairstyles can be accomplished by using astonishing hair accessories like bandanas, hair chains, headbands etc. Styling with bandanas becomes more creative by using them in various designs and styles. Here is a turban style of tying a bandana that fits all around the head giving it a good shape and a different sense of covering the head. Besides protecting the head from the sun, it gives an altogether different look by turbaning the hair. To get this style, open up a bandana and fold it diagonally. Wrap it all around your head so that the ends come at the crest of the head. Fold the ends again around the head and tie a knot on the top. Make sure that the bandana is tied with two or three rounds like this around the head so that it gives a turban like feel to the hairstyle. Before tying the turban, you can either make a bun out of the hair or a low lying ponytail at the nape of the neck. Pull out a few flicks out from the bandana in the front to create an edge.  You are done!

Wassup new: Add funky accessories with this style and add a oversized glasses to the eye. Best to accompany with a beach wear. Try on!

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