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Semi Pompadour Hairstyle


A semi pompadour hairstyle is a very different way of styling your hair. It has been derived from the normal pompadour which was popular during the 1950s. Most of the celebrities used to wear this hairstyle on regular basis and it also became much more popular toward the end of the last century. In the same way the semi pompadour hairstyle is slightly different from a normal style which is very easy to create. Just follow these simple steps to achieve this style without any help.

To get this hairstyle, first mist the hair slightly to make it damp. Then add a little amount of pomade into your hands and rub it in between to make it heat which will be lot easier to work into the hair. Spread the pomade on the hair by slicking the sides of the hair back using your hands and rest of the pomade must be applied to the top of your hair by working the product from back to front of the head. You can also add some more pomade on your hair is you feel it is shortage and make sure to warm it up in between your hands before spreading over the hair. Now use a comb to create the pompadour style and comb the hair back on both the side of your head to make it tight to the scalp. At last comb the hair diagonally and lift it up with the comb to create the desire height.

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