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Straight sleek ponytails: Polished and authoritative!


Models are wearing a simple ponytail with utmost style and oomph. The trick is to give a small alteration in its style that can make things completely gaga. Here the stylists have given a sleek polished touch to the hair to make it more elegant and it becomes a hairstyle that can be worn even on the red carpet. To get this hairstyle, wash your hair and condition them. Use hair smoothing serums. Blow dry. If your hair are naturally straight then you may forego this step but if your hair are wavy or curly you may need to straighten up you mane first. Give a back sweep and divide them into multiple thin sections. Using a straightener, straighten up all the sections. See if the ends are of same length or not. You may cut them to make them equal. When don, collect all hair at the crest of your head and tie it with a tight silicon band. Brush up the tail and dab on some hair mousse and a hair shiner for that added polish. Give a shot of hair spray and your look is done!

Wassup new: You may either attach a headband or keep it simple. The back swept ponytail does look great at any occasion. Try making simple things go defined and you can get a ultra look hairstyle. Try it some day.

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