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Afro Braid Hairstyle


An afro braid is a hairstyle that is mostly used by those who want to make themselves look different. It is also known as a way to style the African hair. Only few people would like to wear this hairstyle as it consumes lot of time than any other style. But once you have created this style it can stay on you for a very long time compared to other hairstyles. In some cases, this hairstyle can last for about 3-4 months which depends on the size of the braid. Here is a simple method that can help to get this style.

To achieve this hairstyle, first section a small part of the hair in front of your head into a two inch by two inch square and divide it into three strands. Then take the first strand and pass it under the second strand and over the third strand. Again pass the third strand over the second and second one over the first strand. Continue to pass the each strand on each other in the same until you reach the end of the hair. Finally secure the end of the hair with a rubber band. After creating this hairstyle, maintaining it is a very important process. Try to moisturize the hair regularly and avoid using hairspray or gel. Wash the hair with a shampoo at least once a week. Get a deep conditioning at least once a month to keep the hair healthy.

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