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Rooster Haircut


A Rooster Haircut is one of the funny ways of styling the hair. This style was usually worn by fans of punk rock music and in the present day most of the people which also includes children, teens also wear it. It is considered to be a low maintenance hairstyle and is much popular among the kids. This hairstyle may look complicated to create, but it can be done easily at home without getting from a professional hairstylist.

First use scissors to cut the excess hair that is below the ears and on your forehead. Then cut the sides of your head above the temple so that you can properly gauge. You can shave the head with a half inch guard starting from back to the front of your head. Leave minimum of one and half inch strip of hair down the middle. Remove the guard off the clipper to shave the sides and all the places on your head except the middle strip of hair. Now decide the style and shape of the middle strip of hair such as spikes, flat or thin line. Use the guard and clippers to shave the excess of hair from top if the height is too much. Instead of shaving the sides of the hair you can also cut them as short as possible if you donโ€™t want to become completely bald. Try to maintain the hair with no-guard clippers on the bald areas if you are shaving the sides completely.

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