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Glossy Hairstyle


A glossy hairstyle is liked by every woman as it is considered to be a healthy hair. Most of the hair will be subjected to the elements such as sun, styling products, climate changes and it can wreak havoc on the shiny locks which make the hair dry or look lifeless. All these elements can make the hair lose its gloss and look as though they are damaged. Here is a simple procedure that can be followed to achieve a glossy hairstyle without going to any hair specialist.

First brush it with a natural bristled brush when the hair is dry and avoid using the brush when the hair still damp as it can break your locks or make the hair look dry. Then spread olive oil on your fingers and start massaging it into your scalp after brushing which will help to clear the sebaceous glands around the hair and release the natural oil. It can give you a naturally glossy hair and also help to moisturize the dry, frizzy locks. Rinse the hair using cold water to spread the oil along your strands and squeeze out the excess of water. Next day, wash the hair as usual with a gentle shampoo. Wrap the head with a towel for around 15 minutes and brush the hair with a wide toothed comb once the hair becomes dry. Follow the olive oil treatment at least one or two times a week to make the hair look glossy.

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