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Paris Hilton’s asymmetrical bob: Peppy hairstyle!


An asymmetrical hairstyle is the one that shifts the focus from the other things to hair completely. The style that an asymmetry carries is unique, thanks to its inventor! Even badly cut hair are newer hairstyles today! Jokes apart, Paris beautifully carries off this hairstyle with as much oomph and elegance as it should have been. This asymmetrical bob looks fab on her and eventually proposes us to go for it. To get this haircut, have a side partition and get your hair cut about two to three inches longer on the one side than the other. Make sure for two things. First that the cut is slant or razorwise and secondly, the back hair should not be asymmetrical otherwise it mars the total effect. For maximum effect, keep your hair to chin length and not more unless you want to go for emo asymmetrical hairstyles that are altogether a different category. Wash up your hair and condition properly. Blow dry and comb well. Now according to one’s choice, keep them straight or wavy or naturally peppy. Like Paris, you can straighten them up and flaunt the polished version. Asymmetrical hairstyles are a rage today and they do take off years from your age. Try them they are sure to work. Do not forget to spray on after you are done.

Wassup new: Give your headband some work. Attach a bow headband or a bow hairclip on the side. Wear some funky jewellery and rock on!

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