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Sleek high red plait: Jordin Sparks at her braiding best!


Jordin Sparks makes the best of her red locks by weaving them into a beautiful plait and keeping it high. Her face appears fuller and very sophisticated. To get this elegant hairstyle, start with coloring hair deep red. If you have dark hair originally, you need to lighten your hair color by bleaching and then coloring the hair deep red. It might take two or more instances to get the right color. Shampoo and condition well. Blow well. Comb and pull hair on the top near the middle of the back of the head. To get a sophisticated high plait, you need to make your mane anti frizzy and smooth. Dab on a good amount of mousse and spread it evenly all along the locks. Sweep back all your hair and tie into a ponytail which is held at the top of the back of the head. Tie the ponytail with a silicon band. Now make three sections from out of the tail and interwine to form a plait. Pull the left section over the middle one and under the right section. Similarly, pull the right section over the middle one and under the left section. Repeat the weaving to get a tight plait. Keeping two inches free at the ends, tie the plait with a silicon band. When done, remove the top silicon band that was first tied to get a ponytail. Give a shot of hair spray and your hairstyle is done!!

Wassup new: Wear a sleek headband with this hairstyle to complete your look. Flaunt your plait and your newer hair color with newer hairstyles. Try on!

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