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Asymmetrical hairstyles for men: Change the trend!


If asymmetrical hairstyles are a rage in women, they are a cult in men too. Boys prefer the same trends as in women, obvious to the changes a hairstyles makes when shifts from one sex to the other. Mainly the one side a bit longer than the other does go well with the teens and make them look more metro sexual. Keeping front bangs are also common and lighting the color tone raises the look from bits to bites. Get the hair rebonded and cut the side bangs in slant. Get one side bald and that suits most of the Brazilians. Try the plucked out hairstyle and use gel to make the asymmetrical hair stand out like plopping feathers. Combine with a suit and your look is ultra dapper. Getting on a beach try the color toned, longer side strands look.Β  For more deeper and bolder looks, try the emo hairstyles. Boys can try different looks easily because their hair growth is pretty faster than the girls owing to the shorter length.

Wassup new: Emo hairstyles for men are mainly rebonded hair cut into various shapes and smeared with different colors. Have a look and get the cut done. Try on!


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