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Kimonos Hairstyle


A kimonos hairstyle is a which consists of a bun that will be placed high up on the back of the head along with a deep part and then hair will be smoothed over on one side. To get this style, you must make sure that the length of the hair is at least below the shoulder. This style can be created only by a hair stylist to make it look good. You can just try this process to achieve this hairstyle at home.

To get this style, first create a deep part on any one side of your head and then comb the hair over so to make it cross over your forehead. To start the styling you must make the hair easy to mold and shape which can done with hair products. Take both sides of your hair and then sweep it backwards. Next wrap a hair tie around to create a ponytail at the middle of the back of your head. Now comb the hair smooth and tight. Apply a molding wax on the ponytail and create a loop which should be tall enough to be seen over your head. The end of the hair must be at the hair tie with a wide part of loop on top of your head to create a bun effect. At last secure the loop to your head using a hair clip and mist the bun with a generous amount of hairspray

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