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Longer asymmetrical hairstyles: Emo in context!


Longer hairstyles are not in much fashion now though its variations do exist in trend. Buns can be made of longer hair, thick messy updos can be made and flaunted. But for regular teenage hairstyle one has to check for something different and out of the ordinary. Longer asymmetrical hairstyles carry this trend forward. There are so many variations that can make you look completely different and have an edge out of the ordinary. Emo hairstyles have origin from longer hairstyles mainly.

Style one: Cut the sleek bangs in a slant.

Style two: Cut the sleek rebounded hair in a slant on both the sides, keeping the front hair longer than at the back. Make this hair alteration on a short bob or a longer mane, your choice.

Style three:  Cut your hair into a slant and color the ends in a different color. Lowlight or highlight according to choice.

Styles four: Make the feather cut shorter on one side and in a slant, for sure.

Style five: Give the front side hair a horizontal cut. Make sure the section is about an inch thick minimum to get noticed.

Style six:  Make the hair short in an asymmetrical bob and let the one or two longer locks remain on the back as such and pull them forward to rest in front of the neck.

Style seven: Cut the longer flick on one side to a short ensemble and color it.

Wassup new: Use the plucking out hairstyle (rage in emo’s) and use it different ways to cut and present newer longer hairstyles.

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