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Medium asymmetric hairstyles: Best for styling hair!


Medium hair are considered the best for styling hair as this type of hair can be transformed into buns, updos , faux bob and shorter hairstyles. Asymmetric hairstyles for medium hair look best in any condition. Be it the messy outlook or the rebonded straight hair, medium hairstyles carry them off very well. Teenagers are in a rage for such hairstyles as this kind of asymmetry gives them an edge.


Style one: Cut the hair into a shape you like to be it the ends. Like a round shape that eventually goes up and then down, creating the wave in rebonded hair.

Style two: Cut the bangs in a slant (most common).

Style three: Cut the one side of front sidelined hair in a slant and shorter than the other side.

Style four: You might keep the front side lined hair longer than at the back. You may choose a thinner strand or thicker chunks.

Style five: Like Rihanna, keep one side completely short and the other side, medium longer and flaunt it to its best!

Wassup new: Color you hair in different patterns, horizontal or vertical streaking. Teens in rebelling style!

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