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Shorter asymmetric hairstyles: Bring the rebel out in style!


Try for the shorter bob hairstyles that have an asymmetric twist to it. Bobs are a way to express freedom and so a minimum alteration in it will produce enormous results in hairstyling. Shorter bobs are preferred by working women, single ladies and college students who are bold and tend show their same side. Take a look.

Style one: Cut the bangs in slant (most common).

Style two: Cut the back sweep in a slant.

Style three: Keep two side lined strands longer than the rest of the hairstyle.

Style four:  Get the plucked out hairstyle keeping one side completely bald (credit to Rihanna!). Well it suits some people only owning to the face shapes. The longer the face, the more suited are the asymmetrical bald hairstyles.

Style five: Cut few front hair in a horizontal line making the horizontal stepped hairstyle.

Wassup new: Color tone your hair according to the style. Keep the longer bangs n a higher tone and shorter in a low one. Try on!

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