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Delta Goodrem’s Greek Braid


Delta Goodrem has got a unique and beautiful hairstyle which is called as a Greek braid. It is a best way of styling the hair for any special events. The braids will be created in various ways which will also have more wisps of hair around the head to make your look disheveled. The hairstyle is also worn by many celebrities on the red carpet and it will look good on any type of hair. Even if you have a thick, thin or any other type of hair this style can be achieved. Just follow these steps to create this hairstyle on your own.

To begin the styling, use a shampoo to wash the hair completely and then dry it naturally. Start blow drying the hair to create an overly frizzy and a puffy look. Divide the hair into four types of sections and then wrap one inch wide strand from the bottom section of the hair using a curling iron. Next leave your hair for 10-15 seconds before removing the curling iron. Shape the curl using your fingers as per your desire and curl rest of the sections of your hair with a curling iron and spread a generous amount of hairspray which will help to avoid flyaways. Leave two strands of the hair on sides of the forehead and make it hang in front of your face. Finally create a ponytail by taking the entire hair in your hand and secure it in place with elastic.

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