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Rachel Bilson’s two toned waves: Sexy and simple as ever!


One of the best looking hairstyles in trend. Rachel Bilson keeps her hairstyle simple yet very flaunting owing to her wavy appeal. Here she adorns a longer center partitioned hair cut that really suits her persona well. Her round face truly magnifies the wavy hairstyle she wears and she appears utterly gorgeous. To create this hairstyle, start with the basic shampooing. Now while hair is still damp, make a center partition. Spread the hair into several thin sections. Now, take each section and curl it around a thin curling rod and make waves. Make sure the waves are not too tight to be called as coils and they are quite natural. Open the curls with fingers. Take a hair color spray and spray about two tone lighter color over the ends. Take a bottle of hairspray and give a light shot all over. Be free to bounce your new hairstyle which is sure to go rocking on the front!

Wassup new: Try some additions like headbands, caps, bandanas and change your style frequently. Rock on! You can even wear this hairstyle on red carpet. Flaunt your tresses!

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