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Taraji P Henson’s chin length blunt cut: Sleeky shorty mane!


Blunt cut made a rage in nineties.  And they look elegant still. Taraji has truly speculated the style to an extent that it looks very sophisticated. She looks feminine and chic. Here she sports a short bob hairstyle perfectly created inside creating an aura of the bygone era. For all the Taraji fans here, this is a must try look. For this you need a short bob haircut, shoulder length. Shampoo well and blow dry. Make a side partition and straighten up your hair. You may make the ends fold towards outside in case you want a change form the original blunt cut. Take a little front strand from the greater section and pin it up a little higher. On the lesser side, take a front strand and cut it in slant longitudinally. Spray on well and your look is utmost done!!

Wassup new: Add a sleek headband over the hairstyle preferably having a short bow on the side. On  a red carpet, adorn some crystals on one side. Spray to keep hair at place. Off you go!!!

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