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Taraji P Henson’s side banged ponytail: Simple hairstyle with grace!


Taraji looks very graceful and appealing owing to her hairstyle. Her dark hair combined with neatly made ponytail at the back creates the utter grace needed and her front side swept bangs appeal to the eyes. Side swept hair with a ponytail at the back is one of the most common hairstyles that girls adorn in every sphere of life and at any occasion. The hairstyle is girly and classy at the same time. Girls, women of any age can wear this hairstyle with choice. You can even try it every day and make out newer styles out of it. To create this hairstyle, shampoo well and condition. Use anti frizz or hair smoothing serum. You can use hair shiner in good quantity to make your hairstyle look polished and gel shiny like Taraji. Make a side part and comb well. Make a few sections of hair and using a straightener, straighten them up. Now, using a hair brush, comb the mane well to give a natural feel to the sleek hair. Now, hold back all hair into a ponytail at the back. You can pull some hair over your face from the greater side of partition so that it looks like extra long bangs. Tie a tight silicon band around the neck of the ponytail. Take a small strand of hair from inside the silicon band and wrap it around the band and tuck in the ends. Give a shot of hairspray so that the hairstyle stays upon. Your look is done!

Wassup new: Add simple things to create an aura around you. For a beach party, attach a flower on the side. For a business meet, wear a single black headband. For a party outside attach some colored hair extensions and on red carpet attach some crystals. The hairstysle looks very attractive. Go on!

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