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Taraji P Henson’s sleek shiny bob : shine in perfection!


Taraji’s style is very common but a bit edgy. The shone in her hair makes her a bit over the top. Her shine in her sleek short cut makes her looks appear fuller and profound. To get this cut, wash with a good cleansing shampoo and comb on wet hair. Make a side partition and cut in a slant taking small sections of hair in consideration. Keep the back hair in a horizontal straight cut. Keep the front bangs towards the greater side. Now, blow dry. You may need to straighten up your hair if your hair is wavy or curly. Use lots of mousse to keep the hair soft and manageable. Spray on greater amount of hair shiner and spread with a comb.  The look is utmost appealing!  Tara looks feminine and chic in this hairstyle. You may make the ends fold towards outside in case you want a change form the original blunt cut. Take a little front strand from the greater section and pin it up a little higher. On the lesser side, take a front strand and cut it in slant longitudinally. Spray on well and your look is utmost done!!

Wassup new: Add a sleek headband over the hairstyle preferably having a short bow on the side. On a red carpet, adorn some crystals on one side. Spray to keep hair at place. Off you go!!!

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